Foerster Mentor Opportunities

Mentor Opportunities Available

If you’re unable to give financially or materially or would just like the opportunity to offer more hands-on support, we would be incredibly grateful for the gift of your time by considering a mentorship.

Foerster Elementary is in need of individuals who have a passion for kids, are sympathetic to those with a history of possible social-emotional trauma and can engage children by building on principles of self-respect, self-control, etiquette and character development. The school is particularly interested in exposing students to the arts, supporting extracurricular activities and spotlighting future career avenues.

Aspiring mentors will need to complete a Mentor Intent Form and be approved through an HISD Volunteers in Public Schools background check.

For more information, please contact:

Tyrone Shealy II, M.A., CSC., Foerster Elementary School Counselor
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